UWX Mask


$75.00 NZD

If you like the Sphera style masks, this is designed for you with improvements.

This low volume mask offers superb peripheral vision due to the curved plastic lenses. The one-piece frame fully locks in the lenses. Unlike other plastic curved lens options, the lenses will not pop out while playing if the frame flexes.

This mask is also stronger than other plastic curved masks, offering more protection to the face from impacts.

    Please note, the plastic curved lenses take some adjustment if you haven't worn them before, and also, unlike tempered glass lenses which are pretty much bomb-proof, plastic lenses can be scratched easily so it's recommended to make use of the protective storage box in your gear bag.  NEVER scrub these masks out with toothpaste like you would a glass lense, the reason this works for glass is because toothpaste cleans the glass with abrasion and it will scratch your plastic lenses up immediately.

    The mask comes with a factory applied anti-fog coating on the inside of the lenses, try not to touch the lenses with anything or rub them in order to keep this coating intact.  When it eventually wears off, some people may have issues with mask-fogging (possibly people with hotter faces than others? a future research subject).  Professional diving mask anti-fog solutions can then be used as long as they are smooth gels and won't scratch the plastic (check manufacturers specs if unsure).  Another method is to use drops of "no more tears" baby shampoo, which work as an anti-fog and don't irritate the eyes. (some people use dishwashing detergent but don't get that on your eyeballs!)

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