T2 prototype 85R "Dragons blood"

Hydro Underwater Hockey

$35.00 NZD

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Size 85R

Colour Blue plus a bit of this and that

With plain cutproof liner


As the dragon stormed over the driveway for the 4th time roaring, Riley drew back her bow and steadied herself in the tree. She breathed out slowly and let the shaft fly. It went true and buried itself in the monsters belly as Asha danced in triumph on the concrete below, face streaked with war paint.


With a shudder the giant worm dipped over the workshop roof, cannoning over the fence and into the neighbours trampoline, where a cloud of black smoke and hissing vapours of molten plastic and charred metal rose up and drifted through the air.  As it crashed, blood spilt from the wound and splashed on the workshop roof.

Bubbling, the dragons blood ate its way through the corrugated sheet and dripped down into the murky depths, and into the bottom of a glove mould waiting ready for the mornings run.

... And that's why there's a bit of red on the underside of this one.

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