Hydro Puck - International Customers


$100.00 NZD

For our international customers.  (Why the difference in price for NZ and International?  This is because of costs related to weight and shipping.)

The Hydro puck passes long and stays low, ideal for fast dynamic gameplay.  It is very stable and doesn't skitter and bounce.  Best suited for fast, large glass tiles, the Hydro puck ranges from moderately to extremely fast sliding depending on the pool bottom.

Please note this puck has a soft and thick exterior coating.  If your local pool manager is nervous about any possible damage to tiles, this is the ideal puck for your pool.

 In the early 90's, an intrepid university Uwh enthusiast in Christchurch developed the "Brown Puck".  Many years later, that puck has now been re-developed as the Hydro puck. 

We would like to credit David Stirling for all his support with this project, and the invaluable experience he has provided.  The best description of his contribution is that it's a fantastic puck!

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