Tank Heavy


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The Tank Heavy is built with protection and all aspects of performance in mind.  It is slightly less flexible than the Skelly glove with slightly wider padding coverage.

Comfort & Dexterity

The Tank Heavy shares our Performance liner with the Skelly.  This is made with a super thin nylon liner glove coated in soft silicon = an incredibly comfortable glove on the hand.  Please note that performance gloves use very specialized materials and you should take care to follow the care and use recommendations.  The Tank Heavy allows a good range of flexibility and dexterity.


The Tank Heavy covers all the major impact points with thick padding...  the heel of the thumb, the area between thumb and index-knuckle, all the main knuckles, all around the thumb, back of the hand.  Wherever you might get hit, this glove will either prevent or reduce any damage your poor hand will take.

Tile & Handspeed

The slick silicon we use is one of the fastest materials possible on pool tiles.  Unlike latex which can drag slightly and get sticky as it ages, silicon will stay fast through the life of the glove.  The Tank Heavy has bulky protection but is a streamlined shape, keeping handspeed fast.


We have 3 customization options.  'Stock Colour' is our standard plain option, which means you get whatever colour we have in stock, typically Aquamarine or a medium Blue which is approved for use at international competitions.  'Custom Colour' Lets you choose the colour scheme for your glove...  just put it in your order notes.  We can do pretty much anything, including glitters, metallics and marbled 2-colour mixes.  'Colour and Logo' Lets you choose your own colours and also get your own name or logo built into the back of the glove.  You can put any text you would like in your order notes or email us your artwork using the template in the image gallery.  Please note, simple designs work best.  Please note that certain colours are not allowed in tournament play depending on your referees, either refs and puck colours like yellow, orange, red and pink or colours judged too close to white or black to be used such as a dark Navy or Light Sky blue.


The Tank has reinforced fingertip pads and thumb pad to reduce wear in these areas.  All the areas of the glove in contact with tiles/bottom/sticks/pucks are solid silicon, with no material to wear holes into and nicks/cuts can be easily repaired if required.  Regular maintenance can be carried out using caulking silicon as a repair agent as your glove accumulates wear and tear.

Please note that the Tank performance gloves are a snug fit.  The standard Hydro glove sizing chart is applicable, however if you are in between sizes or prefer a loose fitting glove we would recommend you go to the next size up.  The Tank training glove option is a slightly looser fit.

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