Tank Trainer


$59.00 NZD

The Tank Trainer uses the same design as our Tank Light and Heavy performance gloves, with the same levels of protection.  The difference is the trainer doesn't have the performance lining on the glove underneath.  The Trainer does have a thin layer of silicon over the palm for grip and durability.  The Trainer is the best value for money available from our range, and is a great glove in it's own right.  They can also serve as a great training glove for clubnights, training sessions or high-wear surfaces, soaking up regular wear and tear and allowing you to preserve your performance glove for tournaments and big occasions.

Comfort & Dexterity

The Tank Trainer is a comfortable glove on the hand.  The Light option allows more flexibility and dexterity due to its lesser bulk.


You can choose between Light and Heavy padding options for your Tank Trainer.

Tile and Handspeed

The slick silicon is one of the fastest materials on pool tiles.  Unlike latex which can drag slightly and get sticky as it ages, silicon will stay fast.  The Tank Light is super low-volume and allows exceptionally fast handspeed.


The Tank Trainer comes in stock colours only, -mid-blue, aquamarine or bright green.  These colours are legal for use with white and black sticks at international competitions.


The Tank has reinforced fingertip pads and thumb pad to reduce wear in these areas.  All the areas of the glove in contact with tiles/bottom/sticks/pucks are solid silicon, with no material to wear holes into and nicks/cuts can be easily repaired if required.  Regular maintenance can be carried out using caulking silicon as a repair agent as your glove accumulates wear and tear.

The Tank Trainer is a slightly looser fit than our Skelly and Tank performance gloves.


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