Coaching and Analysis Services


$60.00 NZD

You provide the footage,  and our resident Video Analysis geek (Liam) will do a video analysis session with it and send the footage back to you with coaching cues, technical advice or trouble-shooting overlaid in the form of commentary, diagrams and the occasional dad-joke.

Liam has been coaching since 1996 and has years of experience putting analysis like this together for many different teams of various levels.

It's helpful if the videos are as clear as possible, hopefully!

Once you purchase the service here, email in a link to the footage and please include the following information...


- What/when to look at  (time-stamps inside a longer clip for example)

- Who to watch (cap number/stick colour)

- What you're trying to do, formation you're playing, any other context

- What you want to learn about or work on


Please bear in mind that for example a 20 min clip of footage will take a lot longer than 20 mins to analyse, and the more info that's available for context the better.  If you send in a 10minute clip full of good quality footage, the analysis video will almost certainly be twice as long as the original clip.

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