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Our Soft Plastic Sticks are the most advanced technology available in the market today, and have gone through multiple iterations of prototype testing over many months and major international tournaments.  Otherwise known as "rubberised", "sticky" or "rubber" sticks.

They are constructed from a tough polyurethane core, reinforced with a Kevlar-Carbon hybrid material to give maximum strength, impact resistance and the right amount of springy stiffness.  This core is then coated with a layer of softer material that grips the puck and absorbs impact.

The outer layer is a constant and standardized thickness allowing consistency in performance not possible with brushed on coatings.  The result is a stick with another level of puck control and feel when compared to a standard hard plastic or wooden stick. 

The core design includes ribs that run along the edges of the passing surfaces, and around the end of the stick where the stick will contact the tiles.  The hard material of these ribs takes the brunt of the wear on these edges, and also presents a hard slippery contact to the tiles so the rubber doesn't grip the bottom.  The rubber grips the puck in the same way that car tyres grip the road, using grooves and textures to channel water away from the contact area.

The result?  The best grip, puck control and handling possible, and a huge pass with all manner of pucks.  The pucks bounce off your stick is greatly reduced and this allows levels of control unreachable with wooden or hard plastic sticks.  You can use faces of the stick to move the puck in ways that aren't possible without the grippy coating...  going back to hard sticks after getting used to soft ones is a very noticeable drop in performance.

Our soft coating is UV resistant, holds a clean bright white and won't turn yellow in your bag overnight.

We can customize your sticks with a name on the handle just like our regular sticks.