Soft Shiv

Hydro Underwater Hockey

$119.00 NZD

The Shivs are designed for the absolute fastest hand-speed possible, inspired by an original design from Benson Taylor.  Available only in soft-coat, these are stuffed full of reinforcing and dripping with grip.  For kamikaze attackers and lovers of small sticks.  In the spirit of the original designer, the "happy skull" grip pattern enriches your spirit while the rubbery coating enhances your control.

Sold as a pair, 1 black and 1 white.

Total Length is 255mm.  Handle section is 105mm long.

As used by Jeremy Webster, NZ mens team at Worlds 2016. 

Please Note:  Soft material by it's nature will wear with use. Your pool tiles, metal plates and barriers, goal-trays and anything else in the play area are all elements that if sharp can damage soft-coated sticks.  Please consider carefully whether your pool is suitable.  Hydro Underwater Hockey reserves the right to replace or repair on a case by case basis. Our standard 3 month replacement policy applies for any breakages, however this does not cover wear and tear damage to the rubber coating. Please email us at if you would like feedback on your particular situation. We want our customers to get full value from all of our products and are happy to offer advice and support. 

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