Nerdy rambling on rocket length measurements...

A customer got in touch querying if he'd been sent the right sticks, maybe he was sent Rocket Chunky when he ordered standard Rockets?

Understandable, when we checked we had a couple of our measurements wrong!  Which we've since adjusted.  I sent our customer a geeky novel attempting to answer his query, and thought I'd post it for the benefit of any other interested customers.

You can probably also use this email to send someone to sleep...  I'm going to try reading it to my girls at bedtime tonight.  Consider yourselves warned.


"Hi Cornelius,

Thanks for getting in touch.  You do have the right sticks after all, standard rockets.  However, thanks for pointing out the length measurements we had on our website, we actually had a couple of them wrong.  (We had the measurement from the Katana 260 that hadn't been revised and somehow over 2 years no-one has noticed until now!)
The rocket is designed to be 270mm long.  I've amended the listing to reflect that.  It's tricky making measurements of sticks as you get different lengths if you measure along the line of the handle or the line of the passing edge, so there's no real measurement standard.
However, the most practical measurement is the blade length, ie how far it sticks out of your hand, how much length there is to leverage a pass.  Again, this can vary depending on exactly how you grip the handle, but generally the rocket has a blade length of 160mm.  I think this is about 5-10mm shorter than a carve 279 (depending how far around the curve you judge it to carry... Again, it's a bit subjective)
If you've bought the sticks under the assumption they were 265mm long and they are too big, please let me know and I'll be happy to refund you with a return.  Hopefully that's not the case...  It's a great stick.  It's a tad shorter than a carve 279 in passing length, depending on your technique, but the straighter angle of the handle tends to give a lot more consistency, (because it allows the puck to roll along easier along the more open angle) many people find they drop a lot of the dud passes they had with sticks that have a more cranked handle like the carve.  That plus the hook and the thick sweet spot before it tapers are what people tend to really like.
Cheers Cornelius thanks again for pointing out those errors, much appreciated.
Let me know if you would like to keep them or not (by all means try them in the pool if you haven't yet, you can still send them back after a session)

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