Sphera-X Mask


$120.00 NZD

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PLEASE NOTE - We have had extremely high breakage rates with the Sphera X due to the plastic in the buckle being more brittle than the buckle of the original Sphera.  We are hoping the manufacturer are able to make a change to address this in future.  In the interim we are unable to carry stock of this mask.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

The updated version of the original plastic mask design popular in NZ for many years, it features curved plastic lenses and is exceptionally light, comfortable and with the best peripheral vision around.

  • Super low-volume, best field of vision available due to the curved lenses
  • Light frame is super comfortable
  • Easy to adjust mask-strap is fastened directly to the frame, not the skirt, making it more durable
  • Excellent Anti-fog coating for hot faces

Please note, the plastic curved lenses take some adjustment if you haven't worn them before, and also, unlike tempered glass lenses which are pretty much bomb-proof, plastic lenses can be scratched easily so it's recommended to make use of the supplied storage pouch.  NEVER scrub these masks out with toothpaste like you would a glass lense, the reason this works for glass is because toothpaste cleans the glass with abrasion and it will scratch your plastic lenses up immediately.

The mask comes with a factory applied anti-fog coating on the inside of the lenses, try to minimize contact in order to keep this coating intact.  

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