Tomahawk Sticks


$87.00 NZD

A solid stick ideal for anyone who likes to pass big, loves a strong hook, large surface area for wall and melee play and a large comfy handle.  This stick is the same overall length as our Wombat285, but the passing edge is 10mm shorter and the hook is slightly sharper than the Wombats, while the handle is larger and curved with a different feel.

Excellent front pass and a solid backflick, fully textured for the best grip on the puck possible and fantastic handling.    Sticks are sold as a set, 1 white and 1 black.

  • Textured handle with thumb-grip and a large curved handle
  • Solid polyurethane plastic, fiberglass reinforced for extra strength
  • The Tomahawk is 285mm long and weighs roughly 140g
  • Textured passing faces and textured bottom give excellent grip on the puck when handling and passing
  • Curved passing edges are smooth and reliable, very easy and quick to get a feel for your pass
  • Option to set your name into the handle
  • Tapered blade gives a solid sweetspot for big hits and slim profile for fast handspeed and quick skills
  • 10 degree bevel to suit todays modern pucks

 We now offer the option to print your name into the handle of your sticks!  Sick of losing your sticks poolside? This label is set into the plastic and cannot be rubbed off.  If you select this option please nominate the name or nickname you want to use in your order notes during checkout.  Please limit to 8 characters maximum.

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