Sea Drops


$19.50 NZD

Great product for keeping masks clear in a smooth Gel.  One bottle will provide many applications and generally will last a long time.

To use, squeeze a small blob onto your finger and gently coat the inside of your mask lenses while they are dry.  Very lightly rinse and then away you go, or even don't rinse if you need hard-core anti-fogging action.

This product applies a film layer onto your lenses that prevents fogging.  It's particularly useful for masks with plastic lenses like Wrap, Curve and Sphera Masks, which can lose their anti-fog coatings over time.

Plastic lensed masks come with a factory-applied anti-fog coating on the inside of the mask, which eventually wears away.  Once it's gone, anti-fog products can be used.

Please note that treatments with toothpaste etc that are used on glass masks to remove factory coatings should NOT be used on plastic lenses as this will scratch the plastic.

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