Murena Fins 2.0


$185.00 NZD

Murena fin-swimming fins, now with improved material which is comfier and faster than the original Murena.  Now in Blue or Red or Black, these fins have the comfiest strap and pocket with no trimming or adjustment necessary.  Murena fins are backed up by world champion fin-swimmers and world record times.

They can be worn in two modes,  Grade 1 for easy swimming, Grade 2 flipped over for maximum power.  We recommend Grade 2 for Uwh, Grade 1 is nice for reffing or recovery swims.

You can use lubricant or neoprene booties or a combination to get that absolutely perfect fit.  Some kind of lubricant is definitely recommended to get the fin on correctly, many people use silicon spray but bear in mind the manufacturer actually recommends using soap.  Lubricant can remove friction between the foot and the fin to remove chances of getting blisters, but for maximum power transfer and speed you don't want any movement between the foot and the fin, so there is a balance there to get right.

With fins of this style, it's VERY important to put them on the right way...  with WET FEET AND FINS or preferably a lubricated foot, align the strap below the pocket, jam your foot into the pocket as far as you can, then slide the strap up over your heel...  definitely DON'T pull the strap back like a slingshot, they are not designed for this and you risk breaking the fin.  If the strap won't slide up, make sure you are using lubrication to get your foot into the pocket properly, or move up a size.  Almost all breakages occur with players putting them on incorrectly in the first weeks of use, or trying them on dry to see if they fit.

FOR SIZING - It can be hard to nail the right size first time.  Try some on poolside if you can before buying.  If you are unsure if you are size 3 or 4, size 3 fits feet up to ~270mm long and ~115mm wide at absolute maximum.  This is a very tight fit for that foot but some people like it this snug.  If your foot matches these measurements or over, you need to go up to size 4.  Please see our video about Finswimming fins for more information

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE,  fins do NOT fall under our standard free international shipping offer, PLEASE SELECT ONE OF THE FINS SHIPPING OPTIONS for your country, either standard or courier.

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