Rocket Sticks 2016


$55.00 NZD

This is the original Rocket design with a big taper.  The hook is short but tight, following the radius of the puck to lock it in when tackling and turning and greatly assisting puck control and possession skills.  Inspired by a 90's design created by Dolan "Pocket Rocket" McGinley.

This design is lightly textured on the passing bevel for an easy transition from wooden sticks.  

You can choose between "slim" and "strong thumb" handles.  The thumb support handle is thicker and keeps the thumb in a more neutral position to reduce risk of the thumb joint over-extending when hit, similar to the handle of the Rocket Chunky.  This helps players with vulnerable thumb joints or who have had injuries to the thumb.

Sold as a pair, 1 white and 1 black.

  • Tough plastic, both standard composite and fully recyclable options available
  • The Rocket 2016 is ~265mm long and ~145g
  • Textured passing face gives excellent grip on the puck when handling and passing
  • Curved passing edges are smooth and reliable, very easy and quick to get a feel for your pass
  • Tapered blade gives a solid sweetspot for big hits and slim profile for fast handspeed and quick skills
  • 10 degree bevel to suit todays modern pucks
  • Fully drillable and sandable for those who like to attach lanyards etc.

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