Stingray Sticks


$85.00 NZD

The popular Stingray was originally produced by Uwh garage gear-heads Nick, Liam and Ben in 2008 under the Snorkel Battle Extreme brand.  Much requested over the years, we have now resurrected this original version!

- Original thermoplastic material

- Stuffed with far more and higher quality reinforcing to make sure it's much stronger than the original

- Original slim handle, this is the exact 2008 design shape

- Original grippy textures for high performance puck control and passing

- Improved UV resistance, plastic keeps it's white far longer (still keep it out of the sun, though!)

- We can now name them, like all our other sticks!

- Now also available in Extra Hook option with the Tomahawk hook and a thicker handle

- Sold as a pair, one white, one black

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