Wide-Bore Snorkel


$25.00 NZD

The fastest way to fill your lungs with air, this snorkel has a lovely comfy silicone mouthpiece attached to a large-bore snorkel tube. 

A stock standard diving snorkel has an internal diameter of 20-21mm...  Some cheaper kids snorkels even go down to 15mm.  This Wide-Bore compares with an internal diameter of 25mm.  It makes a big difference to how quickly and easily you can pull in air, and takes a few minutes to get used to...  but the proof is once you've tried a Wide-Bore for a while, then try switching back to your regular snorkel...  It's like trying to breathe through a straw.  A must-have for competitive players.

Now available in Soft or Firm mouthpiece options. Please note snorkel ties are sold separately.

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