Hydro Mouthguard - Marketing 101

Introducing our brand new(ish) HYDRO MOUTHGUARD!

Easily attaches to your snorkel for non-facial-injurimenting simplicity!!

Makes a great chin guard...    right?  Surely!

This most amazing of protective utilities also doubles as a hard-hat, with OFFICIAL INDUSTRY APPROVAL*! (*in selected Papua New Guinea Villages** only) (**not really even)

Also recommended for stunt bikes and motocross! (not recommended)

Vague studies PROVE* hydro mouthguard use boosts _unspecified_ hormones proven(unproven) to improve swimming speed.  Proven!    ....(proof pending)

For the semi-cautious cricketer!

For the cricketer leaving nothing to chance!

Also useful as an elaborate blindfold!  The utility never ends!

Especially effective at drowning out the sounds of widespread condemnation and criticism, (both national AND international, unlike inferior products) when used as earmuffs!


Don't wait, get yours today!

(can also be used as an underwater hockey mouthguard)



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