2019 year of the... another year. Products update!

It's been a while since I've tried to do an update for happenings with our business, I've been spending any spare time blogging the diary from Worlds of which you can find the first post here...

But in the time from August 2018 to now, we've had a bunch of stuff going on.

We released our Tomahawk Ghost sticks which have proved very popular and are getting great feedback.  We're about to receive a load of new materials for these and they will be available in the shop again in the next couple days.  I used a set at worlds and where I got a bunch of knockdowns all through the tournament I totally credit most of that to these sticks...  they make it so much easier to move the stick through the water to get to that puck it's amazing.

Here are some Ghost Tomahawks along with some smaller prototype Ghost Rockets which we have also been developing.  If you want some Ghost Rockets to try, please buy some Ghost Tomahawks and put in the order notes that you would like them made up as Ghost Rockets.  No problem.  We will have them officially on the site pretty soon.

We have added some spokes in the hole to prevent teeny tiny sticks being able to go through the hole and getting trapped.

We also have added a giant 95R size to our Ninja gloves.

Here's Danni modelling the new size.  She's size 75 herself.  These are going to make some giants happy.

We've also now made available our cut-proof liners on the Ninja gloves.

This means the liner material of the glove is upgraded to grade 5 cut-proof fiber, similar to kevlar.  It's what butchers use sometimes when chopping stuff.  Essentially you can't cut it with scissors, and it lasts forever.  It's slightly thicker than our regular liners and reduces wiggle-ability slightly, so bear that in mind, but it increases the padding strength too and basically makes the glove bomb-proof.  Highly recommended if you go through gloves fast.  Here's a pic of my glove after camps, pre-camps, worlds and 9 months of wear, and I generally go through gloves fast.

There's some small fraying on the edge that hasn't got far but almost no wear to the liner, only wear showing is on the padding.  Pretty good going!

We've also introduced a new handle option for our Rocket sticks, you can have original Slim handle or a thicker Thumb-reinforcing handle similar to the handle of our Chunky Rockets.  We are calling it Strong Thumb.  The thicker handle keeps the thumb in a bent neutral position rather than straight and reduces risk of the thumb joint being over-extended if you get a hit from an awkward direction.

Original Slim, and Strong Thumb

Nice to be able to give people some options.

We also have some cool new masks, our Curve masks.  These are taking over from our Wrap masks, have plastic lenses very similar.  But they have a cooler box!

Up on our site soon will also be some new fin-keepers, in lots of bright colours, so that'll be exciting.  It's so difficult to have good colour options with all the issues around legality but we try our best.  Sometimes it seems like one day, every single piece of equipment will be a mid-grey...  

Ooh yeah and we now have Lanyards available, and can drill your holes too.  Buy this option separately in the accessories collection, or link to it here.


Till next time!

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