Workshop Diary #565

So there's crazy, and there's really crazy, and then there's how things are round our household right now.

We just moved towns!  Moving madness yet again.  This was my driving partner for 5 hours a couple weeks back.

  Thats just par for the course at the moment.

  Just as well the handling characteristics match my driving skills.

But, in the midst of the madness, we've popped out some sweet custom gear...

I've improved our process to allow our colours to be neater and more precise, for these first two duo-tone gloves, and the third is a sweet metallic number which we can do in a bunch of different colours now.

I also grabbed some shots of a very old soft rocket, this is Jake Hockings, it's 2 years old and counting, and these pics show how the rubber wears on the edges to let the hard plastic come through underneath, protecting the soft rubber on the flat playing areas...  nice.

I also found, during our packing (oh the horror), a white soft rubber coated Shiv I left out on the garden bench pretty much 2 years ago when we arrived in Wellington...  it's been in the sun every day all day there's been sun, and here's how it looks...

...the soft rubber is as crisp and bright white as it was on day one!  Really stoked with how this material is working for us with it's UV resistant properties.  You can see a little yellowing around the edges, that's the hard plastic underneath which is yellow as a banana after so much UV exposure, which generally yellows almost all plastics over time.

Then, we found the local dog park for Gus and it is totally awesome and huge!

  Very exciting, new mud!

Next on the what-have-we-been-up-to list, PUCK!  PUCK!

Here's our prototype on the left, and a real one in beautiful banana yellow on the right.  If we keep pucks yellow like refs vests, maybe they'll let us have pink gloves, right?  And the more glove colours we can have, the more colourful the poolside.  Surely a good thing.

So we finally got tired of waiting for the current NZ puck to be improved, as has been promised every year for the last...   ...  well, ages and ages...  so we had a crack ourselves with the help of a fantastic Uwh parent from Wellington College who used to make his own pucks back in the 90's...  this is his old puck re-born.  Cheers David!  It's got enough weight to keep passes very long and low, slides fast, very stable on the break and sits down quickly for handling, doesn't bobble....   performing very well, and we still have options with different materials if we need to tinker, could do a super-soft version for pools nervous about hard pucks and tile breakage.  Light version coming out for testing soon too, to see if we might be able to cater a light puck to junior grades or girls grades for smaller players.  Will be available in a couple weeks, and we will be selling them at 2 for $90NZD in NZ, that's $45 each!  As a launch offer, just for our NZ customers sorry international peeps.

We also had some badges made up for Schools Nationals, and some are now available on the site...

We have a bunch of designs with some wee jokes for fun.

Last item, in our move we forgot the cutlery drawer, so had to pull out a set of grandmas silver to eat with... 

...Because our kids are all about classy when they are covered in yoghurt, which is about 25% of their time lived so far it seems.  Gotta use it right?

Over and Out

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