Move nearly completed

Engineers moved the motorway on-ramp directly into the river in Wellington this week.  Nah not really, but you would have thought so.

Continuing our migration south, the mobile Hydro workshop crammed into the back of a van and drove from Gisborne to Wellington. 

  Good times and 8 hour drives!

Managed to drench Benson in the morning before he had to go to work, helping me unload before the heavens really opened and let us have it...  Got out of town just in time to catch some juicy floods and made it through just before all the roads in and out were officially cut-off.

Pretty funny scenes!  We could have played hockey on the motorway.

A good thing our moving workshop wasn't drowned, because we have been putting the finishing touches on our new Skelly gloves and they are looking good!

Once we are setup with our workshop fully operational we will be rolling these out onto the website.



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