May madness at Hydro Underwater Hockey

So what's been going on around here lately...

Well, Gus was delivered at the front door this morning by one of our neighbours in a towel...  He found a hole in the fence due to the temporary scaffolding and somehow got into the neighbours house, and then bedroom, and woke them up by licking someones face.  !!!  I spent some time this afternoon mending the fence.

Also I feel like I have neglected the bold function for too long in my life.  We're our own bosses now, so here goes.

Our Hydro is a family business and we are expecting a new addition to our little family any day now...  Likely to be a girl.  There's all sorts going on including a new roof going on the house here, so it really is May madness.  That's what the scaffolding is about.

Back-tracking just a little, Worlds in SA was great, some great games and open hockey.  After being scaled down for a couple of weeks during the comp, we are now back up and firing on all cylinders.  We have been going for more than a year now!  Thanks so much for supporting us, Global Uwh Community!

We are still working to develop and improve all our products as always, and thanks to some great feedback from our customers (thank you!) we have made some recent innovations.

SKELLY AND TANK GLOVES...  We have upgraded the silicon lining layer of our Tank and Skelly gloves.  The new silicon is slightly softer, extremely flexible, tougher and has made the Tank and Skelly even more comfortable.  As if that were possible!  Well...  for real.  From as comfy as your slippers, they are now as comfy as your slippers that have been nicely worn-in.  We have included more information for our customers packaged with the gloves to spread awareness on how best to use and maintain the gloves, which is super important, as they aren't like most other gloves out there.  We have also for quite a while been reinforcing the front knuckles of all our gloves to increase durability in those very high-wear areas.

TRAINING GLOVES...  We also have a shipment of new liner gloves arriving very soon that we will be using for our tank training gloves, which are a great product at a great price which we will be pushing with a sneaky sale later in the year.  They are thinner than the standard nylon/cotton weave which is universal to almost all commercial Uwh gloves, but still tough and we are able to coat the palm and fingers with a thin coat of silicon with these gloves, making the training gloves more comfortable, better fitting, more durable and allowing better feel for the stick.

STICKS...  We have a new requested design that's in the works for some keen players in france who like a particular handle, so we will have some new designs out soon, which is exciting.  We have a bunch of gloves sent over the Tasman for the Australian age-group squads which will see action at the Trans-Tasmans in Hobart coming up, which we hope will go well.

VIDEOS...  I have not had time to collate the footage I have shot and put together a proper How-to-backflick tutorial, apologies to those that have requested this, but it's coming soon!

Thanks for checking in on us, all the best in the pool, and remember if in doubt....   dummy-punch.



Hydro Uwh

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