Summer to Winter and back

So, I just got back from the CMCs tournament in Milwaukee, thanks to our friends at Canam Uwh.

Turns out it's a great place, with great people, and balls-freezingly cold at this time of year.

We ran a cozy little clinic for people on Friday, and then the comp was Sat-Sun.  A good time, on the sport-court pool bottom, super slidy and fun.

Got home after a casual 19 hours flight home and back into the swing of things...  we have launched our new soft coated rubber sticks.  So excite!  We have had some hardy and brave pioneers testing some of these for us for a while, and after much tinkering and improving we are now letting them into the wild.

This here's the handle of one of our soft pixies.  Super-awesomely grippy and comfy in the hand.

And this here's a special skin on one of our soft shivs...  the happy skull themed stick!  The normal texture is nice too, only a little more conventional.

Katanas and 260s versions are just around the corner too.

People have been asking for more vids with passing and coaching tips etc, so I'll get onto that in our next technical blog...  people keep asking about inside flicks, so I think we will cover that first.

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