Things are about to go a bit Spanish

It's been pretty busy here for the last couple of weeks, we are providing some subsidized gear for the NZ age-group teams travelling to Spain and all the teams have taken us up with pretty much full-on glove and stick orders...  we have kitted them out in a new line of gloves, our Tank model which in the not too distant future will be up on the site and freely available...  after the Skelly goes up first, as soon as this NZ gear push finishes we will be able to do that, apologies for those who have had an eye on the Skelly and have been waiting!  While both the Skelly and the Tank are made with the same technique, the Skelly is aimed more at maximum flexibility while the Tank is a little bulkier with slightly broader padding. 

Here are some of our gloves leaving our shores to do underwater battle in Spain in a week or so...

We have also just added a couple of new products, some nice sturdy masks and a shipment of Najade upside-down face fins.

Wombats!  I've sent a couple over to Jason in Western Australia to have a play with and see if any Aussies like the new wombat stick I put together based on the tried-and-true Aussie elite mens bat...  Decades of dominance can't be wrong right?  In the meantime I've had a good chance to practice with them myself and quite like them...   great passes, off the front and back edges, and feels amazing when you crunch someone with a big solid hit using a stick with this much weight behind it.  I also totally understand why I've seen so many of the best aussie players use so many flat passes over the years...  this type of stick pretty much requires that kind of passing style exclusively, as there is so much surface area that turning the wrist overly through the pass will slow you down and just isn't as effective.  Some interest in Turkey with this design and we have a tester set on the way over to France, so if you'd like to try one in Europe and Fonteney will let you into their training session, track down Arnaud and ask him to try one out.

...the Wombat is the one in the middle!



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