We have yet more new products!

All the age-group teams are converging on Spain for their world champs, and we have managed to kit out 4 full NZ squads with our gear.  Whatever they do over there, they will look good doing it.

NZ Secondary Schools Nationals, that behemoth of a tournament, is looming around the corner.  To celebrate we have just brought in a bunch of sweet wraparound masks. 

These are pretty cool, great quality and a great price we've been able to offer too.

As always we have more things on the way in our design production line, something that we very nearly have ready to go and that some of the NZ players in Spain will be sporting are our new rubberised sticks.  We have grippy rubber versions of both our standard and 260 Katanas, it's been a lengthy development process and they are now just about ready.  Our production process has standardized the thickness of the soft outer material to provide consistent absorption of impacts and dampening of puck bounce and jiggle.  Our standard hard plastic textures are the best around for puck control, but this rubberised material adds something next-level to your fine puck skills.  We are still experimenting with softer materials to give even better performance and will be aiming to offer varying levels of rubbery grip for those who really like to get a soft touch on the puck.  Pretty excited to get these rolling!

We have also got a bunch of useful bits and bobs like snorkels and ties added to our product line, and we will have Big-Bore snorkels available in the next couple of days for those who have switched to the larger-intake type snorkels or who have been waiting to make the switch but lacked the gear!

Good luck to all the young teams in their warmups this week!

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