A little pixie dust in the works

Age-group worlds has come to an end with some nail-biting finishes...  Congratulations to all the teams.

Our next big tournament is the New Zealand Secondary Schools Nationals in Auckland in September.  We will be at the tournament with stock of all our gear available and are donating some nice gear for prizes as well, so look for us there.  We will also have our first stock of one of our newest designs available there, our Pixie sticks.

These are a revamp of one of the first plastic sticks Liam ever made back in 2008...  here's the original with the new for comparison

And here's the finished product...

We're excited about these, they're a great little stick, short, slim and fast but all the angles are 100% true so the pass is awesome, with none of the twist or warped alignment that you can get from handmade sticks.  The bevel is a little larger than our standard 8 degrees, it's 10 degrees to give both smaller people who use the stick as it suits their size to get better loft on the puck, and also to help bigger players using it as a small forwards stick get good pop passes to beat defenders.

We're not far away now from adding our Tank gloves to the site, there are a few floating about at this stage and we will have 2 versions available at Schools Nationals, both a fully lined competition glove and a training glove version that boasts the same protection and padding over a thicker un-coated nylon liner similar to the construction of our Robot gloves.

These are the Tank Training Gloves

And these are the Tank Competition Gloves

Drop by the table at Nationals to have a close look and try on some sizes.  Good luck to all the teams for their final training sessions before the competition, see you all in Auckland!

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