Pocket Rocket

It's been a while since our last update and things have been as busy as ever.

We have added some things like the capability to purchase single sticks to make up those lost pairs.  We also are bringing in some coaching supplies, including some neoprene vests for poor coaches who have to float about and struggle to stay warm, but dont like the hassle of carrying a big wetsuit to the pool!


We also have done a tonne of experimenting with materials, and are very soon launching our newest stick model, the Rocket.  This one will be available in both light-textured plastic and soft-coated versions.

This stick is based around one of my favourite shapes from when I was growing up in hockey in Wellington in the 90's.  It has a very sharp hook which is puck radius for great tackles, a solid end mass behind the hook for some weight in the pass and a slim handle.  A great classic design, and playing with it has really got me hooked on hooks again.



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  • Casey Nakamura says...

    Hey Liam,
    When is this stick going into production?
    Looking to be an early adopter, been using jolts since PCCs, but I think the rocket might suit my playing style better!

    December 15, 2015

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